The Apollo Swim Spa is designed for 3 persons, comprising spa and swim functionality. The hot tub area has 1 lounger and 2 seat positions.

  •  2 tub colour options, Stirling Silver or Midnight Opal
  •  Cabinet Colour – Grey or Black
  •  44 jets
  •  Adjustable Jets on Swim end
  •  Bluetooth sound system
  •  Maintenance free
  •  O-Zonator
  •  Double filtration system in both Swim and Hot Tub areas
  •  Hot tub and swim area can be different temperatures
  •  Premium LED Lighting
  •  LX Pumps
  •  American Acrylic
  •  2 x 32 Amp Electrical supply required

The Athena Swim Spa is the idea family addition for relaxation and fitness.  The pool comprises two loungers, one seat, and a swim area.  As there are two areas of water, the spa end can be kept hot, while the swim area is a cooler temperature. The powerful swim end jets are adjustable.

Neck massage jets

With neck massage jets you can really get the perfect massage to release tension built up after a long day at work.

Benefits of neck massage:

  • Relieves muscular tension and pain in the neck.
  • Improves the elasticity of the skin and the muscles.
  • Can stimulate spinal nerves, producing feelings of invigoration.
  • Increases blood circulation to the areas being massaged, promoting healing.

Double Filtration System

The Swim Spa comes with a new double filtration system with a very modern look which conceals the filters and gives a perfect place to put your chemicals.

  • Reduces bacteria in your hot tub waters.
  • Collects more particles from the spa.
  • Reduces the chance of filter blockage!

The ultimate swim and spa package, the Athena gives you the absolute best of both worlds to form one of the finest swim spas available today. Two volumes of water ensure that the spa end is hot, whilst the swim end is at a lower temperature suitable for swimming against the powerful counter currents.

The spa end is the perfect space for up to 3 adults (2 sitting + 1 lounging) with it’s powerful hydrotherapy jets and LED lighting system. The swim end has powerful and adjustable jets.

The Athena is designed to a very high specification and crammed full of features to create a stunning swimming pool. Cutting-edge pump and heating technology ensures that the Athena is also economical to run.

ManufacturerPlatinum Spas
RangeSwim Spa
Prices from£18999.00


Size6000mm x 2250mm x 1500mm
Steps Included?Available as an extra
Cover Included?Available as an extra


  • Audio System

Shell colours

  • Sterling Silver
  • Midnight

Cabinet colours

  • Opal Grey
  • Black

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