About Hot Tub Supercentre Scotland

Q :- Can I come and visit to see my hot tub before placing my order?

A :- Absolutely – All our hot tub range is available for viewing in our Scotland showroom 7 days a week, and our Northern Ireland showroom 5 days a week.

For more information on coming to visit, click here.

Q :- All suppliers are promising great after-sales service, how are you different?

A :- Our customer service are one of our top priorities here at The Hot Tub Supercentre, which can be seen from our customer reviews. We have tried our hardest to make the maintenance of your hot tub as easy to learn as it is to do by creating step by step instructions from how to operate your hot tub correctly, to how to use our chemicals. These can all be viewed on www.TubHelp.com

Q :- Some Hot Tubs online are extremely cheap and others the opposite, whats the difference?

A :- It’s much like anything you buy, the product can look very similar but can vary in prices.

Our Hot Tubs vary with investment in good insulation, quality of shell and a modern spa system as well as having powerful hydrotherapy jets/pumps all have an impact on the total price of your hot tub.

Unfortunately from some dealerships, prices can look too good to be true. Our hot tubs come with our own personal Warranty as well as your manufactures warranty which gives you peace of mind that we have your back for any unlikely problems that could occur with your brand new hot tub.

For more information on our T&C’s and Warranty, click here. 


Q :- Does our hot tub arrive assembled prior?

 A :- Yes – Chosen extra’s including steps and cover lifters will be assembled by our team while your hot tub is filling.

Q :- What else do I need for preparing for our hot tub?

 A :- We have a simple preparation video as well as help and advice for you to view across at www.TubHelp.com.

To view our Preparation page, click here.


Q :- I am looking to have a gazebo/overhead shelter for our hot tub, what should come first.

 A :- We strongly advise getting your new hot tub installed prior to placing gazebo’s/overhead shelters. This is so the nature of our install team unfortunately not being able to fit the hot tub under.

Depending on the dimensions of your selected hot tub, it could be possible.

If you’re unsure, please give us a call on 01324 430061.

Q :- Do you have any maintenance tips and advice?

 A :- Absolutely – you can visit our www.TubHelp.com website for a full gallery of the up-keep for your hot tub, or

click here to be directed specifically to our Maintenance page.

Q :- Do you still have a question remaining unanswered?

 A :- Get in contact, we’re open 7 days a week so give us a call on 01324 430061.

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