Some Oyster Pool and Hot Tub customers loved to swim and regularly visited their local leisure centre.
They also owned a hot tub for many years and wondered if they should invest in a swimming pool they could exercise in all rear round at home.
The multi award-winning Oyster team discussed the options of an exercise pool inside an enclosure but there were drains in the garden and de-watering the excavation would be difficult.

Instead, the customers were shown a fully working Jacuzzi® swim spa that was in display in the showroom. The client was very interested, as it would be above ground, self-contained, and thermally efficient for all round use. Plus, with the built in underwater resistance gym system, it also offered home gym fitness, not just swimming and massage, as they had planned to create a home gym in one of their outbuildings.
The synthetic vintage cedar panels on the swim spa would complement the house and outbuildings, while being maintenance free.

To complete the home leisure experience, the Oyster team also installed a cedar barrel sauna as the husband enjoyed the sauna in the centre.  The round shape particularly fitted with the design for the finished garden landscaping.
Based in Wales, Oyster Pools & Hot Tubs currently offer the SwimLife and SwimExpert swim spas from Jacuzzi in 14ft, 17ft and 19ft lengths.

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SwimExpert 19 Dual Temperature Swim Spa

  • AquaChannel Shell Design
  • Swimboost Pump Design
  • ClearStream Filtration System
  • AquaCurrent Jet Technology
  • WaveRider Current Control
  • Thermalax Heat Management