Time For An Upgrade

Hot tub and swim spas are constantly being re-designed and updated by the leading suppliers.
If you are ready to trade up to the latest model then you can book a wet test at your nearest showroom to try out the latest models.
Take details of your existing hot tub and they will be able to give you a 'trade-in' price to put towards the cost of your new purchase.

Whether they are described as pre-loved, refurbished or plain old second-hand spas; a whole new industry sector is developing in the area of pre-owned hot tubs and spas.

For those in hunt of a second hand bargain, there are many banana skins to avoid. For Internet purchasers, on E-bay in particular, it can be a case of ‘buyer beware’.

In all instances we would advise you to visit your local hot tub and swim spa retailer.