The Cabaret is part of our feature rich 700 series range of spas and offers fantastic seating for 6-7 people with a sports recliner, a cuddle couch, 3 other well sculptured seats and safety entry steps. Hydrotherapy is our business and the Cabaret offers you a variety of 66 jets including our very powerful and unique Vertical Back Massage jet.

Our steel frame construction and a sealed pan base gives this spa extra strength and durability while our luxury Surround Sound Stereo System with 150W Subwoofer and shell speakers, 17 underwater LED lights, top mounted LED coasters and LED back lit fountains are fitted as standard. Our 24hour high volume circulation pump filters and cleans 50,000 gallons each day, every day ensuring lower maintenance and cleaner water.

Layout: The large layout of the Cabaret gives you a variety of relaxation zone that deliver incredible hydrotherapy. The Vita Sports Lounge gives you that reclined arm chair feel, with hand/wrist massage and two large foot jets accompany the calf, thigh, back & shoulders jets. Two large corner seats offer deep and powerful massage, a cuddle couch, cool down seat and safety entry step complete the seating but don’t forget the large foot well.

ManufacturerVita Spa
Range700 Series
Prices from£12495


Size234 x 234 x 96.5cm
Water Capacity1552 litres
Person Capacity7
Weight (Dry)440 Kg
Weight (Full)1993 Kg
Filtration50,000 gal a day Filtration
Number of Pumps4
Number of Seats6
Number of Jets66
Cover Included?Yes
Steps Included?Yes


  • Lounger
  • Water Feature
  • Music
  • WiFi

Shell colours

  • Desert
  • Glacier Mountain
  • Gypsum
  • Linen (Vita Spa)
  • Midnight Canyon (Vita Spa)
  • Pacific Rim (Vita Spa)
  • Sahara
  • Silver Marble (Vita Spa)
  • Storm Clouds (Vita Spa)
  • Tuscan Sun (Vita Spa)
  • Winter Solstice (Vita Spa)

Cabinet colours

  • Grey (Vita Spa)
  • Mahogany (Vita Spa)
  • Teak (Vita Spa)