V65L is your personal vacation at home: Compact size fits tight spaces: Comfortable lounge lets you really chill out: 22 Jetpods soothe weary muscles: Convenient plug-n-play system lets you locate it anywhere: Just add friends for serious fun!

ManufacturerMarquis Spas
RangeVector 21
Prices from£7495


Size165 x 213 x 75cm
Water Capacity795 litres
Person Capacity4
Weight (Dry)200 Kg
Weight (Full)994 Kg
Number of Pumps1
Number of Seats4
Number of Jets22
Cover Included?Yes
Steps Included?Yes


  • Lounger
  • Water Feature
  • Music
  • Remote Control

Shell colours

  • Alba
  • Cameo
  • Deep Waters (Marquis Spas)
  • Glacier
  • Mayan Copper
  • Midnight Canyon (Marquis Spas)
  • Pacific Rim (Marquis Spas)
  • Sierra
  • Sterling Silver
  • Tuscan Sun (Marquis Spas)
  • Winter Solstice (Marquis Spas)

Cabinet colours

  • Ash
  • Espresso (Marquis Spas)
  • Teak (Marquis Spas)

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