Trusted Brands

The Hot Tub Club is supported by some of the leading brands in the UK including Hydropool, Elite Spas, Caldera Spas, Marquis Spas, Coast Spas, Vita Spas, L.A Spas and La-Z-Boy.

Aegean Spas

With an award winning history going back to the 1950s, we are a fourth generation owned and operated business whose swimming pool and hot tub division was incorporated as a separate company in 1987.

American Whirlpool

American Whirlpools ergonomically designed seats, jet performance, and immediate stress relief are just a few ways you’ll know you own the very best. Quality, reliability, and performance – reasons why American Whirlpool can provide you with ultimate Adventures in Hydrotherapy!

Aquavia Spa

All our hot tubs combine quality and performance and are considered exclusive within their market segment. At Aquavia Spa we have designed different categories, as the users who want to buy a hot tub and the requirements for their use are different. Our approach is to look carefully at each customer profile and exceed their expectations.

Artesian Spas

THE ARTESIAN SPAS FAMILY have one goal, to provide the best quality hot tubs and spas, the most features, and the greatest range of products. With over 100 years of combined spa manufacturing experience, they worked together to create Artesian Spas. When you buy an Artesian Spa, you become part of the family, provided with the best quality service and support.

Aspen Spas

Aspen Spas are an American made hot tub company that has been family-run for over 25 years. With years of experience in designing and creating innovative hot tubs for all. Aspen Spas have focused on creating affordable and energy-efficient hot tubs designed for all the family.

Caldera Spas

At Caldera, we do more than sell hot tubs. We design and carefully construct a product with extraordinary benefits that can bring positive change and help transform your life. A Caldera spa gives you access to effective warm water massage therapy right at home, helping you feel renewed and refreshed, even when you have only a few moments to spare.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs Hot Tubs have sold over 1 million hot tubs and have received certified recognition from Spasearch for 10 years. With decades of experinence, our hot tubs will surpass your expectations of relaxation. Hot Springs offer a unique massage experience with easy to use settings and low running costs, our hot tubs are the perfect addition to your lifestyle.

Hydropool Hot Tubs

For almost two decades, Hydropool have been renowned as experts in the art of relaxation. It’s a reputation we’re thoroughly proud of and something that our customers are reminded of every time they enjoy the superior features and premium quality of their own personal spaces of serenity and indulgence right in their own back gardens and conservatories.


The La-Z-Boy Hot Tubs collection includes a total of nine models with the Signature Collection featuring four high quality mid-priced models and the Premier Collection offering three cutting edge hot tub designs. The entry level Classic Collection includes two models with great starter features and a compelling price point.