Accessorise Your Hot Tub

The fact that you can sink into the wonderfully warm water of your hot tub anytime is one of the amazing pleasures of owning your own unit. But there are some additional items that can enhance this relaxing experience even more and it’s often the little things that can really set a hot tub above the rest.


  • RRP: £9.99

The BevBoy features a revolutionary technology that allows your drink of choice to float in water without tipping over or spilling.
Imagine relaxing in a pool and having to awkwardly hold your drink the whole time while trying not to spill.
The BevBoy offers the ultimate solution to that problem: let your drink float right next to you all by itself!


  • RRP: £29.99

Introducing the Grip-O, a Hot Tub wine cooler essential for any Hot Tub gathering!
The party Grip-O is an acrylic wine cooler with 8 suction feet, comes with a tray to hold up to 4 wine/champagne glasses.
(Plastic Champagne glasses & bottle of Champagne not included)
When the Grip-O is stuck down the Party Tray can then be used.